Our Goals: Year Two in Houston

When we first moved to Houston our main goals were learning to drive on an eight-lane freeway, buying bigger belt buckles, and trying to incorporate “y’all” into our everyday vocabulary. But this time around our goals are a little different. We have a grasp on this whole big city thing and now our goals are all business.  Below is a list of goals we hope to cross off our list by August 1, 2012.

New packaging: We are currently designing, snipping, and taping away. Packaging will be unveiled on the blog soon. Let’s just say we’re thinking it’ll be one of Fraulein Maria’s favorite things!

Facebook fans: Increase from just-shy-of-1400 fans to 2000 fans, organically. Lately, we’ve been gaining fans at a clip of nine per week. The best part is that we have done nothing to cause this increase besides simply run our business. (I.e., No suggesting, on our part anyway, of our Facebook friends to “like” our page.) Our hope is to reach 2000 fans in this same way. Growing our brand in the process.

Publish five more weddings: Publishing weddings holds us to a standard of shooting stylistically, and in a way that appeals to today’s bride. There are also benefits of brand association, increased exposure, and a warm fuzzy feeling.:)

Incorporate styled shoots into packages: The ladies at Recollection Vintage Rentals are wildly talented at brainstorming and styling shoots for photographers and photographers’ clients. We have plans to incorporate this service into our engagement sessions as a way to add value to our brand and connect with brides who have our same vision.

Raise our prices: Our base price is currently $2200. We hope to bump it up to a minimum of $2500 within the next year.

Shoot 35 more weddings: This past year we shot 24 weddings, with 16 of those weddings having been shot in the past six months. We hope to see continued growth as we strive to meet our goal of 35.

Attend WPPI/other singular workshop: We are looking to drop some dollars on education! Ideally, we would like to take a course with a similarly branded photographer whose workshop stresses the business side of things. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Photograph multiple concept shoots: Pinterest has been a great resource for us while brainstorming conceptual shoots, namely our “vintage music inspired shoot” which we hope to execute pretty soon! What other styled shoot ideas would you like to see happen? My theme ideas of Harry Potter and/or the Philadelphia Eagles have been shot down already…

Charity drive: As the following of our blogs gain momentum, we know God can do something waaay bigger through our business. We are prayerfully considering working with a few different charities and are hoping to host a one-week charity drive sometime this fall or spring.

August 1, 2011 - 4:51 pm

Jessica - I love reading the behind-the-scenes of the creativity! Not just for photographers; it’s inspiring for me as a writer and graphic designer hoping to develop some kind of freelance business. You’re giving me good things to think about!

August 22, 2011 - 7:13 am

What’s Worked For Us: Balancing our Wedding Schedule | Windsor Collective - [...] still relatively young, getting more exposure is incredibly important. This year, we hope to reach our goal of 35 weddings (AKA, opportunities) to spread the AFP brand. We’ve also given ourselves a cut-off figure of 40 [...]

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